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Facts About Refugees

There is so much misinformation circulating about refugees and asylum seekers in the media that it is sometimes hard to work out what is reality and what is myth. Here you’ll find a friendly bunch of resources that can help you to figure out the facts from the fibs

Fact Pack

This comprehensive pack gives you the basics facts about refugees in the UK; the latest asylum facts and figures, the key issues facing asylum seekers and refugees as well as additional resources.

History and Contribution of Refugees to the UK

Refugees have made a massive cultural, social and economic contribution to life in the UK in the last 450 years. Many famous household names are evidence of the presence of refugees: Camille Pisarro, Sigmund Freud, Frank Auerback and Arthur Koestler to name but a few. This pack contains a timeline of refugees in the UK and their contributions.

Myth Busters

The Refugee Awareness Project

The Refugee Awareness Project produced wonderful myth-busting pocket guides and a resource with easy ways to welcome refugees and asylum seekers. You can download them here

The Truth about Asylum

A lot of rubbish is talked about asylum. The same old myths and scare stories are peddled again and again. The truth is in short supply. This leaflet, produced by the Refugee Council, lists these facts and figures that you can rely on. For more information visit

Fair Play – A guide for Journalists

The media has a major role to play in our multi-cultural society. It also has certain duties in ensuring responsible reporting on issues of asylum, refugees and immigration. This updated guide is one of a series of publications which goes a long way towards enabling journalists to cover the issue of refugees and asylum seekers in a balanced and truthful manner. Produced by Oxfam.